It is of great importance that all equipment paired with a colotube amp is fine-tuned and positioned perfectly in your home. We consider it as part of our outstanding service to assist you with both.

To facilitate your process of choosing from all the brands and models out there, we suggest a complete high end audio set to you. Even here we stick to our philosophy: as little as possible or as much as needed. Or with other words: reduce to the max.

 Please note that colotube is a dealer of these additional audio equipment in Switzerland only!

We suggest Tannoy T DC10 A as loudspeaker with a colotube vacuum tube amplifier and can assure you: it simply sounds like heaven.

We love to present with records or MAC and the fabulous brandnew DAC HEX from Metrum accoustic. All these brands are available for purchase through us, and in case you have – or wish – other components, no problem. However your loudspakers need a high sensitivity of at least 92 db. Talk to us, and we will find the perfect match for you.